September 28, 2023 |

New York Congestion Pricing Update as of September 28, 2023

  • Congestion Pricing is coming, and the state is figuring out now precisely who will be taxed and how much.
    Uber/Lyft and Yellow cab rides have been paying congestion tolls of $2.75 per ride ($2.50 for yellow) since 2019.
  • The federal government recommended Uber/Lyft drivers also pay the full new toll once per day.
  • JFAW has fought against this double tax. We propose a small per-ride increase for passengers to pay.  About $1. And this is the same for Uber/Lyft and Yellow rides.
  • The state will decide soon, and it looks like they agree the passenger should pay.  This makes sense since it is the passenger, not the driver, who decides to go into the zone.
  • We are now fighting to ensure Yellow Cabs have the same charges.  We’ll know what the proposal is in a few weeks.  Then there will be public hearings.

We’ll need drivers for the public hearings, either to support the proposal if we get what we want or to oppose it if we don’t.

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