July 28, 2022 |


All signs point to this moment as the right time to join a union. Across the United States, workers are coming together to demand fair pay and fair treatment at their workplaces. Just this year, the national approval of labor unions reached its highest point since 1965. Americans’ approval of labor unions has also increased for all political affiliations over the past decade, an exciting discovery that highlights the growing universal appeal of fighting for better wages, benefits, and working conditions across the US.

Justice for App Workers is proud to be part of this monumental shift and we are laying the groundwork for being the next American industry to unionize! 


In a historic win in December 2021, baristas in Buffalo, New York voted to make their Starbucks location the first of more than 9,000 corporate-operated Starbucks in the US to unionize. Since then, 143 other Starbucks have unionized and workers at 120 other locations have petitioned for union elections. 

Like app workers, Starbucks employees have struggled with low wages that force workers to take on multiple jobs or fall into debt. Now, we are demanding what we need to survive!


In April, 2022, Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island, New York, sent a jolt through employers across the country when they voted to form the first union at Amazon in American history.

And winning is contagious! Now Amazon workers from Albany to North Carolina are taking on the richest company in the world and refusing to back down. We are so inspired by the grit and dedication of Amazon workers to change what is possible for themselves and their families. 


Drivers and delivery workers have been historically neglected by the tech industry. With our growing coalition, Justice for App Workers is laying the foundation for our industry to be the next frontier to win unions! 

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