Who We Are


Justice for App Workers is a national coalition movement of more than 130,000 rideshare drivers and delivery workers from the East Coast to the Midwest, united in our demands to transform our industry

We represent more than 130,000 drivers and delivery workers who keep communities running, getting our neighbors what they need and where they need to go. Together, we are taking on the multi-billion dollar app industry to win dignity at work. This means living wages, a safe working environment, an end to unfair deactivation, quality healthcare benefits, reliable bathroom access, and the right to form a union.

For too long, the balance of power in our industry has been rigged to benefit corporations like Uber and Lyft. While app companies reap profits, workers are suffering. Now, rideshare drivers and delivery workers represented by a growing number of coalition partner organizations are launching a historic movement to win justice in our jobs. We started in New York, and we’ve expanded to Illinois  but we’re not stopping there!

JFAW East Coast: New York Coalition

JFAW Midwest: Illinois Coalition

JFAW: South East

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