January 16, 2024 |


The city has given delivery workers a minimum wage – but our fight isn’t over!

Last month, after a long battle, an NYC judge upheld delivery workers’ path to a minimum wage of $20/hour by 2025. We’re glad the city is finally recognizing how hard we work. We deserve to put food on the table for our families without worrying. But while we’re happy about getting higher wages, we’re also extremely concerned. When the original rule was announced, our coalition was worried it would lead to lockouts, and we have been calling for a solution to this issue for months. Unfortunately, we were right, and the lockouts have already started. 

UberEats and DoorDash have also started using dirty tricks to hurt workers. They recently updated their systems to prevent customers from tipping workers during checkout, which has the potential to decrease our daily pay. As delivery workers, we don’t just live paycheck-to-paycheck. We live DAY TO DAY. And if we’re locked out of our app without warning, or not given the tips that we deserve, we can’t pay our bills. That’s why it is extremely important that we get a raise WITHOUT lockouts

We need to keep sharing our stories to show government agencies and app company executives that delivery workers and rideshare drivers are not backing down until we see our industry change for the better! 

Click here to share your story and make your voice heard as we fight to ensure workers win a living wage!Let’s make sure we get the wages and working conditions we deserve! We’re calling on you to join us and to speak out on social media. Click here to tell us how you feel about lockouts and delivery worker wages, and send the link to five app worker friends. Let’s make our voices heard!

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