April 19, 2023 |


Delivery workers are speaking out: we want a raise, WITHOUT lockouts. Follow us on social media to stay updated on our fight!

On April 7th, Justice for App Workers members turned out to a NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection hearing about establishing a delivery worker minimum wage. Members of our coalition groups the International Alliance of Delivery Workers (IADW) and United Delivery Workers Association (UDWA) spoke, representing thousands of New York City delivery workers who are calling on app companies and lawmakers to pay us a living wage. 

Dinara Zhanpeissova, a member of UDWA, spoke about how hard it is for delivery workers to make a living – and stressed the importance of avoiding lockouts in any solution. 

“Delivery workers need a raise, but we’re worried that the current proposal could lead to lockouts. Most delivery workers do this job because of the flexible hours. This proposal is a good start, but we need to prevent app lockouts!”

Delivery workers don’t just live paycheck-to-paycheck, we live day-to-day. And if we’re locked out of an app without warning, we won’t make enough money that day and may not be able to pay our bills. It’s extremely important that we get a raise WITHOUT lockouts. 

Thank you to everyone who testified and tuned in! We made it clear to the DCWP officials that we NEED a pay increase but also have to keep lockouts out of the answer. 

We will keep sharing our stories to show government agencies and app company executives that delivery workers and rideshare drivers are here, we’re united, and we’re not backing down until we see our industry change for the better! 

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