September 13, 2022 |


Rideshare drivers can’t afford more taxes and fees – and we’re making sure our State leaders know it! 

On Wednesday, August 31, we gathered hundreds of drivers and supporters  outside MTA headquarters in New York City to protest the proposed congestion tax on for-hire vehicles. Chants of “MTA, shame on you!” and “Driver power!” rang out as our Justice for App Workers coalition members and community leaders spoke passionately against congestion pricing. 

As Naomi Ogutu, co-chair of JFAW and President of NYC Rideshare Club said, “Why is it whenever the state of New York, they want to impose some taxes, they go to us Uber drivers, Lyft drivers?! We are immigrants!” 

Since 2019, rideshare drivers have paid over $1 BILLION in congestion fees. Under the proposed plan, hard-working immigrant drivers would be taxed twice, leaving us unable to even pay for gas or put food on the table for our families, and threatening our jobs altogether. 


Our fight isn’t over. We will not rest until the MTA finally stops taking advantage of some of the most vulnerable workers in New York! As the State continues gathering public commentary and considering this proposal, we will keep making our voices heard to STOP THIS TAX.

Join us as we continue to take on the MTA and app companies, and demand fair treatment for app drivers.

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