February 17, 2022 |

Food delivery workers, ride-share drivers demand more rights

Food delivery workers, ride-share drivers demand more rights


Food delivery workers in New York City, fresh off winning rights to transparency in tipping and the use of restaurant bathrooms, joined with ride-share drivers Tuesday in pressing for more protections, including better wages, health care and the right to unionize.

Groups representing about 100,000 such app employees announced the formation of a new coalition, Justice for App Workers, that would push for new measures they say would “achieve dignity” for drivers and the city’s fleet of delivery workers.

The vast majority of app workers in New York City are immigrants. Reliable statistics on the number of app workers aren’t available, but estimates put the number at tens of thousands — many of them lured into the industry by the flexibility of schedules, the need to supplement income from primary jobs, or out of necessity because of few other options.

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