December 27, 2023 |


Justice for App Workers is taking on the app companies in 2024 – and together, we’re going to win!

2023 was a huge year for drivers and delivery workers. We kicked off the year by winning life-changing raises for rideshare drivers in New York City. In Illinois, we introduced an ordinance to protect rideshare drivers from unfair deactivations and sent 30,000 letters to the Chicago City Council in support of the measure. We all came together to rally against the unfair double congestion tax on rideshare in NYC. And after over a year of making our voices heard on this issue, we ensured that rideshare drivers would NOT be taxed twice. 

This year, our movement grew as Walmart’s Spark delivery drivers in Illinois and Florida mobilized against the scam and bot rings on the Spark app that were cutting workers’ incomes in half. After our national protests, Walmart introduced facial identification and other measures on the app in Illinois and Florida. Delivery workers rallied for fair wages in New York as UberEats, Grubhub, and DoorDash did everything in their power to block a new minimum wage rule. After a long battle, we won our well-earned raise, and we will continue working to ensure that this rule does not lead to app lockouts.

One thing is clear through all of the coalition’s victories this year: together, we’re stronger than any billion-dollar app company. In New York, Illinois, Florida, and beyond, we’re committed to transforming this industry for all of us. 

We have big plans for 2024 – we’re going to keep app workers safe, end unfair deactivation from the apps, and fight for our right to form a union. But we need your help. Follow Justice for App Workers and spread the word to stay updated on the movement and help us transform the app work industry!

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