May 15, 2023 |


Violence against app workers has been on the rise. Delivery worker YiJie Ye was a devoted single father who worked hard to provide for his three children. He was killed by a rampaging U-Haul in February. Another delivery worker, Tiburcio Castillo, was severely assaulted for his e-bike. He passed away from his injuries. Rideshare driver Manoj Thapa, who had plans to get married this year, was killed in a car crash on New Year’s Eve.

Last Wednesday, New York City app workers gathered in Union Square to pay tribute to YiJie, Tiburcio, Manoj, and all our other friends who were killed on the job in the past year. We laid white flowers in front of a delivery worker bike memorial and photos of fallen app workers, and spoke out about our experiences on the job and the importance of better safety protections. 

Justice for App Workers leader and UTANY President Adalgisa Payero-Diarra called on app companies to install functioning dash cameras and panic buttons in our vehicles, properly verify customers’ identities, and take other measures to ensure that no more app workers face danger at work.

We’re tired of seeing our friends’ obituaries. As we continue to fight for a safer industry, we will always remember the lives that were lost, including:

  • Christian Castelan, a young delivery worker killed in a hit-and-run 
  • Tiburcio Castillo, a delivery worker who was beaten and killed for his e-bike 
  • Humberto Manuel Francis-Hernandez, an Uber driver who was shot and killed 
  • Manoj Thapa, an Uber driver who died in an accident on New Year’s Eve (rideshare driver)
  • Be Tran, a delivery worker and grandfather who was killed in a hit-and-run
  • Eduardo Valencia, a delivery worker who died in an accident 
  • Daniel Vidal, a delivery worker who passed away after an accident 
  • YiJie Ye, a delivery worker killed by a rampaging U-Haul 

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