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On Tuesday, March 29, hundreds of app workers surrounded Uber’s Manhattan Headquarters following a caravan of rideshare and delivery drivers that started in Brooklyn. Together, we demanded that app companies pay fair wages instead of pushing rising costs onto customers and workers – all while taking massive commissions! 

Our movement is gaining attention across the country. The voices of our coalition members were shared by media outlets across the country, including ABC, NBC News 4, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, Yahoo! News, Associated Press, New York Post, Gothamist, and more

JFAW members protesting

Drivers and delivery workers demonstrated along the West Side Highway in demand of fair pay.

Rising gas prices in New York City are crippling our livelihoods and the app companies are doing next to nothing, forcing drivers to work longer but make less.

Raul Rivera, leader of JFAW coalition member NYC Driver Unite, even had to give up the car he was renting for $400 a week to taxi people across New York City as an app driver for Uber and Lyft. “It just got way too much, and then the gas got really bad,” said Rivera.

Throughout the caravan, drivers who took part in the action told their stories of falling behind on bills or cutting their families’ food budgets, and demanded immediate action from the tech giants. We even brought a list of Justice for App Workers’ demands to the Uber offices in Manhattan, but Uber executives refused to meet with us! The demands were eventually brought up to the offices by a building employee. 

Across the country, app drivers who are already underpaid are struggling to keep up with growing expenses and rising gas prices. And despite New York City drivers facing staggering prices at the pump, app companies like Uber and Lyft have left New York City out of their fuel surcharges programs. With app workers going into debt, falling behind on bills, and even being forced to give up the cars we use to earn their livelihoods, we cannot afford to sit back until our demands are met! 

JFAW members protesting

App workers speaking to the crowd at a caravan stop in downtown Manhattan.

Our caravan to Uber headquarters caught New York City’s attention and put a spotlight on the need for app companies like Uber and Lyft to cap their commissions so workers get our fair share. We are so proud that hundreds of delivery workers and rideshare drivers joined us in bringing our demand for fair pay to the app companies. We WILL NOT STOP until our demands are met. Stay tuned.

JFAW member

App worker honked her horn as the caravan stopped to demonstrate along the West Side Highway en route to Uber headquarters.

How can you get involved?

Our historic movement is growing. If you’re an individual driver/delivery worker or organization representing these workers, come be a part of our fight and raise your voice for justice in our industry. Click here to join the movement!

You can also stay up to date on our latest actions and news coverage on social media! 

Twitter: @StandWithJFAW

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