August 14, 2022 |


We are proud to announce that today, rideshare and delivery workers and our families gathered for the first-ever Chicago GigFest to make a historic announcement.

Seven grassroots app driver groups representing 20,000 members have united as Justice for App Workers Illinois, joining our fast-growing national movement that started with 100,000 app workers in New York! 


Being an app worker in Illinois is hard, and it’s been getting harder. We face an alarming rate of carjackings and violent assaults, high gas prices and inflation that leaves us struggling to pay our bills, and a lack of basic access to sanitary bathrooms amid an ongoing pandemic. That’s why we’re launching a united front to demand better pay, safer working conditions, and the right to form a union!

Our Illinois coalition members include:

• Chicago Uber Drivers

• Road Warriors Chicago 

• Latinos Unidos Uber & Lyft

• Independent Drivers Guild Illinois

• Chicago Stolen Car Directory 

• Rideshare Revolutionaries 

• SOS Uber y Lyft 

We are now 20,000 members stronger, as our movement builds from the East Coast to the Midwest. Together, we can win! We’re gaining momentum, and we’re not stopping with Illinois…

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