April 14, 2022 |


Gas prices across the country remain incredibly high. Rideshare drivers and delivery workers are struggling to keep up with rising expenses. We are going into debt, falling behind on bills, and even being forced to give up the cars we use to earn our livelihoods. 

The multi-billion dollar app companies’ response to this? A surcharge put onto customers. And despite New York City drivers facing staggering prices at the pump, app companies like Uber and Lyft have left New York City out of their fuel surcharges programs

These expenses should not be put on the customers and drivers! Especially when app companies take huge commissions on every ride – sometimes up to 50%. We deserve to keep more of our hard-earned money. Join us in calling on the app companies to cap their commission at 10%

'Need money 4 gas' sign on car

Our livelihoods are being crushed by expenses and the app companies have not provided sufficient support, forcing us to work longer but make less. In March, Justice for App Workers’ caravan to Uber’s NY headquarters caught the public’s attention and put a spotlight on the need for app companies such as Uber and Lyft to cap their commissions so workers get our fair share.

Tell the app companies to cap their commissions: bit.ly/FarePay

Across the country, app drivers who are already underpaid are struggling to keep up with growing expenses and rising gas prices. We deserve to be able to feed our families and pay our bills. Sign on now to tell app companies to cap their commissions at 10% so we can make enough to survive. 

Help us let the app companies know that we WILL NOT STOP until our demands are met. Add your voice to the movement.

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