November 29, 2022 |


At our Friendsgiving celebration and general meeting on Monday, November 21, drivers and delivery workers gathered to celebrate Justice for App Workers’ growth in 2022! 

Over delicious halal food, coalition leaders Adalgisa Payero-Diarra and Sonam Lama reflected on how far we’ve come in 2022. In just 10 months, our movement for the rights of rideshare and delivery workers launched in New York, expanded to Illinois, and helped achieve crucial victories like health benefits and 7% raises for New York drivers. Our leaders Dachuan Nie, Muneeb Rehman, Aziz Bah, and Naomi Ogutu led a discussion on how we can expand in 2023 by reaching out to fellow app workers, getting the attention of lawmakers, and continuing to show up and build our movement!

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Several community leaders and JFAW members also took the opportunity to voice their support for the movement and excitement about what’s to come. Our members raised their fists in solidarity, pledging to expand the Justice for App Workers coalition and commit to this fight in 2023. Together, we can win the right to a union for all app workers!

One thing is clear: drivers and delivery workers are MORE than ready to take on app companies in 2023, and fight for what we deserve.

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