November 17, 2023 |


Last Tuesday, delivery workers and supporters gathered in City Hall Park to call out app companies for appealing the $20 minimum wage approved by the New York City Council. Members of the Justice for App Workers coalition rallied demanding fair pay and protection from app lockouts.

Uber Eats, GrubHub, and DoorDash blocked efforts to raise wages, and although a court recently overturned the decision to block the wage increase, the delivery companies requested that the First Appellate Division entertain an appeal. Workers are demanding the city take action to implement the approved wage increase.

As JFAW coalition leader Dinara Zhanpeissova put it, “We can do better for those who deliver our takeout orders, our Amazon packages, our groceries. We are not asking for luxury or excess. We simply want to be paid a living wage so we can provide for our families without constant struggle.”

“​​I’m tired of living in poverty despite back-breaking work. I need to be able to provide a decent life for my family. I’m asking, on behalf of all delivery workers in this city, for you to raise our wages to $20 per hour,” said Dachuan Nie, co-chair of Justice for App Workers and President of the International Association of Delivery Workers. 

Dachuan is right; delivery workers work incredibly hard and risk our safety, and we deserve to be able to take care of our families. That’s why we’re not backing down until we see our industry change for the better! 

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