July 14, 2022 |


A few weeks ago, Justice for App Workers members came together to plan how we can win safer working conditions, higher wages, the right to form a union, and more! We are working strategically to win our demands and improve the lives of all app workers as we take on Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and other tech giants. It’s a hard fight, but under JFAW, we are UNITED!

At Justice for App Workers’ first General Meeting, we discussed important roles for JFAW members to take on, including becoming social media ambassadors and JFAW canvassers at driver and delivery worker hotspots like airports and bike repair shops. As a result of this successful meeting, we will be announcing canvassing dates shortly where we will talk with more app workers and grow our movement.

Interested in canvassing other app workers with JFAW? Fill out this form to let us know which dates and locations work best for you. 

We know app workers deserve a seat at the table with Big Tech to decide our futures. Our powerful coalition of rideshare and delivery workers is going to make that a reality.

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