April 20, 2022 |


Justice for App Workers is proud to have UzBER as one of our nine coalition members!

Johny Ibadov, Leader of UzBER at Justice for App Workers Rally

 UzBER is a place where Uzbek and Russian drivers will be assisted with anything that pertains to Uber, Lyft, or the TLC. The group gives advice to people on how to fight tickets, shows members how to properly deal with ongoing TLC and insurance problems, and gives recommendations on where to go to fix these problems – such as pointing drivers to good lawyers and fair mechanics. UzBER also has humanitarian efforts where group members donate to help families in need. Finally, the organization provides tips on how to maintain and fix your car.

Members of UzBER at Justice for App Workers Caravan to Uber Headquarters.

If you are looking for a community to support you in navigating your career as an Uzbek or Russian app worker in New York, you have come to the right place!

Are you an Uzbek app-based driver in New York? Join our community! You can contact the group at Info@UzBER.org 

UzBER is also on Telegram! Join our group here.

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