January 19, 2023 |

Ride-share drivers protest at O’Hare to demand better wages, bathroom access and end to ‘unfair’ deactivations

Chicago Tribune – As thousands of travelers across the country and in Chicago saw their holiday plans upended by transportation troubles, ride-share workers took a stand Tuesday night by refusing to take rides from O’Hare International Airport.

Their goal was to “draw attention to the inhumane conditions drivers operate under,” according to a news release, and demand app companies provide drivers a living wage, improvements in safety measures, better bathroom access, an end to deactivations without review, quality health care benefits and the right to form a union.

Plainfield resident Emilio Ugalde, 45, said he had been driving for Uber for over three years — and completed up to 5,170 trips — when he claims his account was unfairly deactivated in November.

Because he’s paraplegic, Ugalde uses a special hand device to operate the gas and brake pedals in his car, but he said a passenger misconstrued this and accused him of lewd acts. He said he provided Uber with doctors’ notes and proof of his disability but he has remained banned from the app.

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