September 14, 2023 |


Sign onto Justice for App Workers’ letter and call on Walmart to stop the Spark app scam and help our fellow delivery workers across the country!

For months, Walmart’s delivery drivers across the country have faced scams, intimidation, and even death threats by a rogue group of drivers who have hacked the Spark app, which drivers use to deliver Walmart goods to customers.

This issue has made our lives much harder. Coalition member Guadalupe Castillo says, “I had to work 12 hours a day, for six days to make half as much as I made before.” Guadalupe is one of hundreds of workers who are struggling right now. Since our rally in Illinois in June, we’ve found that these scammers are running rampant in Walmart stores across the country including Illinois, Florida, Texas, and more

Amazon Flex faced a similar issue, and they solved it by fixing the app. That’s why Sparktans, Spark Drivers Illinois, and Justice for App Workers are calling on Walmart to do the same: fix the Spark app and find a permanent solution to stop the dangerous scammers.

Being an app driver can be challenging – we’re all just trying to provide for our families, and this terrible situation has cut Walmart delivery drivers’ incomes in half and put us in danger. Walmart has ignored our demands for months. That’s why we’re taking this issue to the federal government through the Bureau of Consumer Protection and Acting Secretary of Labor. 

We deserve to go into work without worrying about death threats and intimidation. Let’s all stand together as app workers and call on Walmart to fix this crisis that’s left hundreds of delivery drivers afraid for our lives and struggling to make ends meet.

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