December 20, 2022 |


Chicago drivers are fighting for fair wages, safety, and more this holiday season!

Uber, Lyft, and delivery drivers in Chicago are fed up. We’re making less money than ever, we’re not safe on the job, we’re being unfairly deactivated from our accounts, and we don’t even have access to bathrooms. That’s why on December 27, we’re protesting and not giving ANY rides from O’Hare Airport!

Join Justice for App Workers from 7-9pm on Tuesday, December 27 at O’Hare Airport’s TNP Waiting Lot Alpha (Main Lot) as we demand changes from Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and all the app companies profiting off of our hard work!

Have you had scary experiences at work, or struggled to make ends meet with the low wages? Do you want a voice on the job? Are you sick and tired of app companies putting profits ahead of our interests as drivers? Then join us on Tuesday, 12/27 at O’Hare Airport for a free hot meal and the chance to make Uber and Lyft hear our voices!

Let’s stand together to demand justice for all rideshare drivers and delivery workers. We deserve better!

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