October 27, 2022 |

Tell New York lawmakers not to tax us twice!

Rideshare drivers in New York are speaking up about the impact a second congestion tax would have on app workers and making sure Governor Hochul and the MTA know we should not be taxed twice

Last month, we launched a campaign on social media: #DontTaxUsTwice. Drivers from all over NYC have been sharing their stories and explaining how an additional fee of up to $23 to drive into Manhattan would be devastating for our jobs, families, and communities. A second tax would put thousands of rideshare drivers out of work and hurt New Yorkers who rely on us. Here’s what some of our members had to say:

Michael: “It’s completely unfair for us drivers to have to foot the bill for congestion once more. This idea will completely kill the taxi/FHV industry. Sit with us and let’s come up with a better idea!”

Tshering: “Driving Uber is my only livelihood to live in this expensive city. If the passenger gets a huge tax and toll, our business will go down. I already have a huge debt and this will ruin my financial condition further. Please don’t increase the congestion toll.”

Harpreet: “We need to work and bring food to the table to feed our families. We deserve a comfortable environment to work without any stress. But your double congestion charges are going to kill our work and make our life miserable, and leave our families to starve!”

It’s not too late to share your story and make sure New York leaders see the faces of the drivers they would be hurting with this policy. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.

Rideshare drivers have already paid over $1 BILLION in congestion fees to the MTA, and there is no reason why they should target and take advantage of hard-working immigrant New Yorkers like us with this double-tax. We play a crucial role in keeping this city moving, and our jobs need to be protected!

We want Governor Hochul to know that this congestion tax would DEVASTATE rideshare drivers in the city, as well as the customers who rely on us. We want her to take action to help her most vulnerable constituents. Click here to tell your story as we fight to STOP THIS TAX.

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