February 17, 2022 |

The protections app workers deserve

I’ve been a delivery driver for DoorDash and GrubHub for three years. And I’m proudly doing my part to keep New York City running during COVID-19.

While city streets were emptier, the pandemic didn’t stop thousands of app-based rideshare and delivery drivers from doing our jobs. We jumped into action. We delivered food to homebound and remote workers. We brought packages to essential businesses and even drove people to and from hospitals.

Many delivery workers started their jobs with the promise of flexible scheduling and guaranteed earnings. These days, that’s not the whole story.

Drivers’ jobs have gotten harder and more dangerous because we’re increasingly at the mercy of app companies. Workers whose bikes get stolen or vehicles carjacked don’t receive any protections or financial support. These corporations can deactivate accounts too, immediately cutting us off from our livelihoods with no chance for us to explain our side of the story. Even finding clean, sanitary bathrooms during a shift can be impossible, especially for rideshare drivers. The pandemic has only worsened these conditions.

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