June 7, 2022 |

WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR? The Right to Form a Union

This year has been monumental for the labor movement as a whole. In a recent article, Civil Eats stated: “The three most powerful, most energetic organizing campaigns of workers across the country are at Amazon, Starbucks, and delivery workers.”  

Worker power is growing. Along with recent victories among Amazon and Starbucks workers across the country,  app workers have been fighting for a voice on the job. Despite app workers’ growing role in the American economy, this labor force has been denied the fundamental right to join a union. Like any other worker, drivers and delivery workers deserve the opportunity to collectively bargain over wages, benefits, and working conditions. 

Violence against drivers and delivery workers is increasing, expenses are going up, and app workers aren’t getting fair pay – but because we don’t have a seat at the table, companies like Uber, Lyft and DoorDash can keep getting away with doing nothing!

App workers deserve to have a voice. Give us the right to form a union.

The fact is, this industry has a long way to go to be fair for app workers, and without an ability to collectively bargain, app companies will continue to resist improving our working conditions.

Dachuan Nie, leader of International Alliance of Delivery Workers and JFAW member, shared that a union could help workers secure benefits like healthcare and give us a stronger, unified voice: “If we can have a union, there will be someone who can speak for us.”

This is why Justice for App Workers is committed to fighting for the right to collectively bargain for improved working conditions. When  delivery workers and rideshare drivers have a voice on the job, the app companies will have to answer directly to us, not just treat us like an anonymous data point on the other end of an algorithm.

This industry is only possible because of the work that WE do. App companies must give us a seat at the table and listen to our demands for a better work environment. 

Join us in our fight to improve working conditions for ALL app workers.

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