September 9, 2022 |

Uber and Lyft app drivers gather outside MTA HQ to protest congestion pricing

CBS News New York — Ride-share drivers were rallying outside MTA headquarters on Wednesday, slamming the congestion pricing proposal.

As CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge reported, they were calling for app drivers to be exempt from the tolls.

The organizers of the rally said 23,000 ride-share drivers have already submitting complaints to the MTA, protesting what they call a double tax.

The group Justice For App Workers says the congestion pricing plan is beyond crushing to their careers. Adalgisa Payero Diarra was one of dozens of drivers protesting. She drove yellow cabs for more than 10 years and switched to ride-share a couple of years ago.

“It’s going to kill the business we’re already in a struggling time,” Payero Diarra said.

The congestion pricing plans aims to charge drivers an electronic toll as high as $23 when they enter the zone below 60th Street in Manhattan, with the West Side Highway and the FDR exempted.

“It’s going to affect the customers who are going to have to pay higher fees, so our business is going to go down,” Uber and Lyft driver Eric Dorfman said.

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