February 10, 2022 |


A coalition of 100,000+ rideshare and delivery workers united in our fight for rights, benefits, and safety on the job
We are proud to announce the launch of Justice for App Workers!

For nearly two years, drivers and delivery workers have supported Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic, braving the streets to keep communities running, and performing essential services for many, including vulnerable and immunocompromised customers reliant on food, medicine, and grocery deliveries. Now, for the first time, a broad cross-section of separate app worker organizing groups have come together as a worker-led coalition to demand the rights, benefits, and workplace safety standards that app workers are denied.
What is Justice for App Workers?
Justice for App Workers is a coalition of nine grassroots organizations representing over 100,000 app workers in New York who are fighting to transform our industry. This historic coalition has brought together worker groups from across New York, from all different cultural backgrounds, speaking many different languages – but who are united in our demands for dignity at work.

Justice for App Workers currently consists of NYC Rideshare Club, United Delivery Workers Association, International Alliance of Delivery Workers, the Independent Drivers Guild, Long Island Uber & Lyft Network, Black Car Mafia, UzBER, Utany, and NYC Drivers Unite, and we are rapidly organizing.
What are we fighting for?
Together we are taking on the multi-billion dollar app companies like Uber, Lyft, and GrubHub and fighting to win justice on the job. As a coalition, we have set out six core demands:

  1. Living wages
  2. A safe working environment
  3. An end to unfair account deactivation
  4. Quality healthcare benefits
  5. Reliable, safe bathroom access
  6. The right to form a union
What is our vision?
We’re starting in New York, but we’re not stopping here! The aim is for this movement to spread nationwide, to the thousands and potentially millions of app-based workers across the country. “We need our work and our wages to be protected. Uber and Lyft can change this TODAY! That’s why we are proud to join the Justice for App Workers Coalition. We know that together, we will win.” said Johny Ibadov, founding member of Uzber and Justice for App Worker coalition partner.
How can people get involved?
Our historic movement is growing. If you’re an individual driver/delivery worker or organization representing these workers, come be a part of our fight and raise your voice for justice in our industry. Click here to join the movement!

You can also stay up to date on our latest actions and news coverage on social media!
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