March 15, 2022 |


Drivers and delivery workers for companies like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and GrubHub have already been making poverty-level wages while the tech giants rake in billions in profits. Now, with the recent skyrocketing gas prices, app workers like us are taking home even less money to support ourselves and our families each week. It’s a crisis.


Recent News Coverage on Rising Gas Prices

This is just the latest example of growing expenses drivers and delivery workers have to bear, while our pay rates fail to keep up. Prior to the spike in gas prices, drivers and delivery workers were already struggling to make minimum wage. Now, with gas prices hitting record highs, many app workers have been left debating whether our jobs are worth it.

App companies need to support the rising costs of business for drivers and delivery workers who keep this industry alive. They have taken some steps, such as Uber adding a small, temporary fuel surcharge to rides; however, they are excluding NYC drivers due to the recent pay raise – which is already insufficient to account for our skyrocketing costs. This is why drivers and delivery workers need a seat at the table and a voice on the job.

Between high company commissions on trips, lack of support for car and bike maintenance costs, and rising out-of-pocket expenses, app workers are struggling – going into debt, falling behind on bills, even having to give up the cars we use to earn our livelihoods. All app workers deserve a living wage! It is time for app companies to step up and support us, and we won’t stop fighting until our voices are heard. 

JOIN US! On Tuesday, March 29, hundreds of app workers are going to caravan to Uber Headquarters in Manhattan where we will be presenting our demands. We cannot wait any longer. App workers are struggling and these record-high gas prices are having a devastating effect on our ability to survive. 

We will begin gathering at 7AM for sign making and the caravan will leave at 9AM. We WILL be heard!

Follow the latest updates on our coalition, and add your voice to the movement.



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